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The Exclusive Travel Experience provides an authentic representation of luxury tourism based on the most up-to-date standards, which are not just concerned with stars, but rather the exclusivity of the experience offered.

You will find it in pavilion A4, home to the most selective offer of the various sectors at the show, with sophisticated and original staging to host the companies - tour operators, accommodation facilities, service providers, destinations, etc.  – that set themselves apart through the originality of the services they offer.

The focus of this exhibition area is not in fact pure ostentatious luxury, but rather the demand for luxury generated by the FeelYOUnique trend, as featured in the Industry Vision IEG (available for download here).

This trend is expressed in the uniqueness provided by tailoring and hyper-customising holidays. The exhibition space meets the needs of customers looking for a unique experience in what is original, unusual and transient.