FLORENCE October, 16th

 MILAN  October, 17th

 TURIN  October, 18th

 ROME  October, 20th


 RIMINI  October, 13th


 RIMINI  October, 12th



Workshop & Presentation

FLORENCE  October, 10th



MILAN September, 21st



Workshop & Presentation

ROME  September, 12th 



Workshop & Presentation

TURIN June, 13th   |  MILAN June, 14th



MILAN May, 30th  |  FLORENCE May, 31st


TWO SPECIAL NIGHT EVENTS dedicated to the Meeting Industry, in which demand and supply meet in an original and networking way!

NAPLES March, 27th

BOLOGNA March, 28th

VERONA March, 29th


March, 28th  ROME

MILAN March 14th 

ROME  March 15th 

 NAPLES March 16th