TTG Travel Experience represents an ideas workshop for operators from all over the world; a source of information and inspiration for the exploration of new trends, tourism formats and consumer aspirations.


Every year at the show, we present the Industry Vision Travel&Hospitality, a tool that can be used to interpret economic and consumer trends, which surveys and presents:

Consumer Trends: a view of new consumer profiles and trends that are transforming the needs of the market and the processes of searching for and acquiring products and services.

Trust Index: company sentiment on sector performance, on its future and on the main changes in progress in terms of products and customers.

Development of distribution processes: the sector’s perception of change in terms of new products, services, communication and sales channels.

A packed programme of forums, conventions, training seminars and conferences to highlight developments in tourism worldwide.

The main paths:
Talks about the Future, about technology, start-ups, new creative products for online marketing and
social media.

Talks about Innovation, the buzz generated online, the real use and potential of the web, the role of influencers.

Talks about Digital Travel and Social Media, focus on the new technologies related to social media and social

Talks about Industry, Trends & Numbers, the hot topics of the moment. A window onto the world of organised tourism, with contributions from national and international speakers and influencers.

Talks about Distribution, the new trends in retail, to outline the market environment and identify innovative
business solutions, in line with the requirements of current demand.