Digital Marketing Director - ENIT

Expert in research, innovation, communication and training in digital tourism, Ms. Milano collaborated on projects with several Italian Regions.
She taught International Tourism Communication at Università Cattolica in Milan. 
At the University of Genoa she taught Web Marketing for Tourism in the Department of Economics as well as Web Marketing for a Master Class in Sciences & Technologies of Communication and Information.
In 2008 she conceived and developed a Master program in Territorial Tourism Marketing and Web Marketing at the University of Genoa.
Until 2015 Ms. Milano was Scientific Director for Italy at BTO - Buy Tourism Online.
From May through October 2014 she was a member of TDLAB - Lab for Digital Tourism of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism.
Member of Permanent Roundtable for Innovation and Digital Agenda.

Publications: Turismo e Reput'Azione (2013, Maggioli Editore), Viaggi in Rete (2011, Franco Angeli). Linguaggi Digitali per il Turismo (2010, Apogeo). 
Twitter: @robertatamilano