CEO, Select Holding

Jacopo Sertoli was born in Rome 33 years ago. He spent the first years of his life in various parts of Asia such as Bhutan, Nepal, India and Thailand. He returned to Italy to complete his studies, graduated later in International Relations, pursuing its specialization in Chicago, London and Paris.

In 2008 he moved to Shanghai to open the representative office of Select Italy, the Tour Operator based in Chicago, so making the first step in the family company's internationalization. Select Italy is responsible for proposing Italy to different clients from different countries of the world, especially from Russia, Brazil and China, who travel to Italy and, more generally, in all the various locations in the Mediterranean. In 2010 he founded Select Holding, international marketing company based in Hong Kong, consist of Select Concierge, which deals with services dedicated to the growing number of Chinese tourists traveling abroad and Select Communications to support foreign companies in the tourism sector plan to invest in China thus ensuring their continued presence in the country, with the development of direct contacts with the Chinese tourism market. Select Communications also intends to provide support to Chinese companies that want to internationalize.

Jacopo Sertoli is aware that the increasing presence of Chinese tourists abroad has made it essential to focus on their needs and requirements; the gap between the services offered by the international tourism market and the expectations of Chinese customers must therefore be bridged.

In accordance with this principle and thanks to the successful existing relationship with the activities of the tourism sector, it has created a new standard project designed for the Chinese customers, in collaboration with the China Tourism Academy (CTA), the public department of the China National Tourism Administration (CNTA), in charge of monitoring the Chinese outbound travel. Thanks to the experience of Select Italy and Select Holding, in 2013 it was possible to create the Certification Welcome Chinese (www.welcomechinese.com.cn - www.hychinese.com).

Jacopo Sertoli currently operates five offices in Asia, Europe and the United States with an eighty-person team, qualified professionals in the tourism sector.