• Friday, October 13, 2017
  • 14:00 - 18:00
  • Memo
  • Gardenia Room - East Hall
  • Roberto Lavarini President of the Management Studies Centre, A.D.A. (Association of Hotel Managers)
  • Evelina Flachi President of the Italian Food Education Foundation
  • Andrea Mascaretti President of the Sustainable Development Studies Centre
  • Raffaello Panariello General Manager, Hotel Marriott Milan
  • Concetta D'Emma Expert in Unconventional&GreenMarketing Strategies, Business Coach and Trainer.
  • Angelo Feriani Member of the Technical-Scientific Committee of the Management Studies Centre, A.D.A.
  • Alessandro D'Andrea National President of A.D.A.

Many Italian hotels prepare a “green corner” in their breakfast room, but this seems like a palliative ahead of the real challenges of the near future. In fact, increasingly often, we hear the phrase “real welcome” when the requirements of those suffering from allergies or intolerances (gluten, lactose, etc.) or those who have made specific dietary choices (vegetarians, vegans, etc.) are taken into account.

In addition, the offer of food in hotels must take into account the requirements of visitors from other countries and other continents, with different eating habits. Obviously not every need can be accommodated, but the general trend among those responsible for hosting visitors and tourists is increasingly to offer a personalised service, making the stay at the hotel a “gratifying experience”. Furthermore, we must consider catering with insects, internationally recognised as a “novel food”, which will, according to experts from the FAO, be the catering of the future.