• Friday, October 13, 2017
  • 14:00 - 15:00
  • Memo
  • SIA Breakfast Arena - Pav. D1
  • Concetta D'Emma Expert in Unconventional&GreenMarketing Strategies, Business Coach and Trainer.

Everything you were never told to increase profits and conquer guests with special food requirements.

Starting from the identikit of Unconventional Guests, you will learn how to identify customers with intollerances and allergies, with special lifestyles and diets, or with religious beliefs requiring special diets. Then, you will learn how to manage these requirements in a way that is profitable for the hotel.

The seminar will explore:

- Breakfast Costing vs Breakfast Marketing: the importance of choosing the right products, which are good for everyone, and how to transform a normal breakfast into a powerful marketing lever to attract new market niches (whether you are a B&B, a holiday fram, a wellness resort, a restaurant, a bar, a luxury hotel, an airline, a cruise line operator or a train company, etc.).
- Satisfying Vs Pleasing Vs Conquering: where is your hotel currently with breakfast? And which of these do you wish to belong to?
- the five key figures that can determine the success (or otherwise) of your Unconventional Breakfast.
- how to organise “food outings” for your guests and involve them effectively during breakfast as “free advisors”.
- the Three Golden Rules System to monetise the Unconventional Breakfast.
- Unconventional Breakfast Experience: how to create the “wow” effect and give even Unconventional Guests an unforgettable experience, telling the story of your region through typical products reinterpreted in an “unconventional” manner that everyone likes.
- Storytelling Breakfast and Social Media at zero cost: case histories and new ideas that you can apply immediately!