• Friday, October 13, 2017
  • 12:00 - 13:00
  • Memo
  • SIA Trend&Green Arena – Pav. B3
  • Massimo Roj

by Progetto CMR-Massimo Roj Architects

The hotel industry in Italy has huge potential: with more than 33,000 hotels and more than 390 million overnight stays registered in the last year, Italy enjoys a position of absolute leadership in world hospitality.

The most recent figures strengthen this position, showing steady growth in both revenues and visits. Optimising the resources and capacities of this sector is fundamental, and this can only happen with a painstaking analysis of the needs of customers, investors and owners, to provide functional solutions that meet a variety of needs and expectations. Such a result can only be reached through a dialogue between various people operating in the profession, where everyone contributes their own expertise to ensure the final result is as effective as possible.

Architects have the task in this process of capturing trends and translating them into new design solutions, focusing on enhancing the appeal of the building and improving the guest experience.

Through a series of real case studies, this seminar will therefore tackle various possible strategies to renew the hotel industry, including: the definition of ad hoc accommodation solutions to meet the requirements of new categories of end users, ranging from millennials to business travellers, and which require a careful analysis of the appropriate spacial solutions to best meet their different needs; the opportunities offered by the digital worls, such as virtual receptions and smart rooms; solutions to manage and control energy costs; the renovation of old facilities to adapt them to new market trends".