We make every effort to ensure the customer is “satisfied” with their stay. If we manage to make them “happy” however, we can be sure not only that they will come back, but also that they will tell their friends about their experience.
According to science, the psychological experience of staying in a hotel stays in a customer’s memory for more than a year, a much longer period compared with if they are only satisfied. In addition, this is manifested in a deep and motivating memory.
Obviously if the customer is not satisfied, he will not come back; but even if he enjoyed his stay with us, he may not come back; he will only do this if he is happy.
At this seminar, the DiBeneInMeglio Scientific Association, which groups psychologists who work in Tourism, Emotions and Happiness, sets out the methods and ideas to build “Happy Tourism".

The topics:

  • psychology for tourism: the role of emotions in remembering a stay.
  • People with negative memories refuse to return, those satisfied may return and those who are happy will return.
  • focusing on tourists’ happiness and not just their satisfaction.
  • measuring happiness in a few steps.
  • creating happiness with a few simple actions.
  • reactivating the happy memory immediately.