"For about the last two years, I have been following in my father's footsteps, studying, working in the field, and always keeping myself abreast of new developments; this has partly been through TTG Incontri, which has enabled me to discover new things, meet future colleagues and ever expand, a little at a time, my knowledge of the tourism industry ".

Francesca Ciancio, Centro Tour Travel Agents - Orsogna and Guardiagrele (CH)
Photo: with Owner, Filippo Ciancio

"For us, TTG Incontri is an opportunity to get to know the players in the Italian and international tourism sector personally, but, above all, it is an unmissable opportunity to create B2B synergies and to get ideas and input to improve our product, which is sailing holidays".

Michela Gusso, Partner Manager of


“TTG Incontri is the place to meet people, and meet them again every year”.

Massimo Albertini, Owner of Pronto Soccorso Animazione – Training Courses for Animators


"I am a wheelchair user, and believe that the experience of travel is important for everyone, in spite of everything! I can meet the world at TTG Incontri, and can raise awareness regarding those who find it a bit more difficult to travel: this has resulted in some important partnerships and many, many projects ".

Domenico Roberto Zema, blogger and president of accessible tourism association "Viaggiarepertutti", Villasanta (MB)

"TTG Incontri is the most important event of the Italian tourism sector calendar, the key meeting place for supply and demand in the industry. I have had the pleasure of attending TTG Incontri for 12 years, in order to meet the leading professionals of the tourism industry and ever strengthen our company’s presence ".

Photo: Enrico Califano, Comunication & Marketing, Planning,  "I Viaggi di Jack Sparrow-Piratinviaggio" owned by Enrico and Marianna, Naples 

“TTG Incontri is the best B2B shop window, where you can conclude important contracts with all the companies that matter. In addition, you can get free, high-level training courses. Coming here is important, because it’s here that companies first present their new developments. It’s not to be missed”.

Maurizio Reale, Director, Club Hotel Kennedy (Roccella Jonica - RC)


"TTG Incontri makes you travel. You can discover the trends, technologies and a way of seeing tourism from the viewpoint of those with a totally different background from your own. It helps you grow, because it enables you to learn, and above all, for someone like me who deals with web marketing, keep up to date with technological developments".

Lisa Zamparo, Marketing Manager, Hotel il Cervo**** Tarvisio (UD)

"Coming to TTG Incontri means taking a break from your everyday work and thinking about the future, imagining new scenarios, listening to expert speakers, meeting potential customers and partners, exchanging views. Whatever your role in the tourism sector, it is important to know what direction it is heading in. And TTG Incontri is a great place to find out!"

Silvia Prosperi, General Manager of A Friend in Rome, and tourist guide for the city and province of Rome

“We have to come to TTG Incontri to meet the world, talk with industry operators and fully experience everything the world of tourism has to offer”.

Sabrina Ferrara, General Manager, Solofra Palace Hotel & Resort**** (AV)

"At TTG we had the opportunity to present our company and improve our knowledge in tourism industry"

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