Italians taking more and more holidays abroad  

The common view is that in general, 2017 will be better than 2016, a belief mostly held by travellers in the 14-34 and 55-74 years-old age groups

Italians are getting ready to travel, and are promising to do it more than last year. These were the latest findings of the Confturismosurvey conducted in partnership withIstitutoPiepoli. The propensity to travel index stood at 63 points in January, “an increase”, according to the document, “compared with both January 2016 and January 2015, when the scores were respectively 62 and 60 points”.
The common view is that in general, 2017 will be better than 2016, a belief mostly held by travellers in the 14-34 and 55-74 years-old age groups.

The destinations for 2017

The UK and Spain are the favoured destinations in Europe. Morocco leads the way for those choosing Africa. The Caribbean islands come out top for those travelling to the Americas

Among these, those making preparations to go on holiday within the next three months, 20% have their eyes on foreign destinations, specifically within Europe, where the UK and Spain are the favoured destinations, or in the Americas, where their first choice is the Caribbean. Morocco currently heads the standings for those heading to Africa; these are followed by India, the main destination in the Far East, and finally Oceania.

Widening the observation period, we see that Trip – the forecast model of tourism flows created by  Ciset/Ca’ Foscari University of Venice– points to an increase in outgoing Italian tourism of 2% in 2017 compared with last year. More specifically, the estimated growth rates for the various regions are likely to be distributed as follows:

  • Mediterranean Area  + 1.9%
  • Central Europe + 1.5%
  • North Europe  + 2.2%   
  • Outside Europe  + 1.3%

Winter sales, i.e. those between January and April 2017, are also posting bigger than expected increases.

The most requested destinations at agencies include:

  • in Africa: Kenya, Madagascar, Senegal and Zanzibar;
  • in the Caribbean: Jamaica, Cuba and Antigua, as well as an ever stronger showing by Mexico;
  • in the Indian Ocean: the Maldives, Mauritius and Sri Lanka;
  • in the Far East: Thailand and Japan.

Meanwhile the Canaries continue to post impressive numbers, the US maintains its fascination in the Americas, while the prize goes to Brazil in South America. 

Sustainability and Culture: the trending products of the year

2017 is the International Year of Sustainable Tourism

Regardless of the destination chosen, there will mainly be two trending products this year: ecotourism – which will benefit from the buzz generated by the International Year of Sustainable Tourism announced for 2017 by UNWTO – and cultural tourism.

With regard to the latter, the Confturismo-PiepoliSurvey highlights that from year to year, the cultural component of travel increasingly has the power – much more than the destination itself - tosteer purchasing decisions. It is taken into account and considered “very important” particularly by women (23%) and young people aged 18-34 (24%), followed by 55-74 year olds (21%) and 35-54 year olds (19%).

New museums for new travellers

The US, China, Abu Dhabi, Los Angeles, Cape Town, Athens: the new museums to visit worldwide

It is therefore no coincidence that for months, the press targeting consumers has dedicated space to museums around the world that will open their doors for the first time in 2017. It may be a good idea to take this into account, given that they could have an impact on tourism flows. 

The list is a long one, stretching from the US to China. The Guardian showcased the ten most important in an interesting photogallery. They range from the Museum of the American Revolution, to be opened on 19 April in Philadelphia, USA, to the Museum of Yves Saint Laurent in Paris.

Another much anticipated opening is that of the Abu Dhabi Louvre. The Seitz MOCAA, the museum of contemporary African art, opening in Cape Town, has a futuristic quality. Contemporary art will also take centre stage at the ICA in Los Angeles and the EMST in Athens, while modern art will be the focus of the MACAN in Indonesia.

Other new developments for the year will include the restyling of the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, and the Design Society centre in Shenzen.

Eco-travel, but how?

University and high school graduates, young couples, families: everyone likes environmentally-friendly holidays

Italians’ desire for holidays in contact with natureis growing, and is taking on new forms, partly thanks to the emergence of new categories of users. These notably include university and high school graduates, young couples and families under 60, with medium-high spending power.

For this year and for the near future, specialists indicate that the biggest beneficiaries will be foreign destinations able to meet the growing demand for open-air activities relating to:

  • biking
  • trekking
  • hiking
  • skiing
  • animal watching


The destinations of choice for honeymooners in 2017

The United States, the Caribbean, Polynesia, the Indian Ocean, Japan, Thailand, the Seychelles and South America: honeymooners’ favourite destinations

With an average minimum value that comes in at EUR 8,000,  honeymoons abroad are increasingly sought after by Italian couples.

According to the market framework set out by TTG Italia based on interviews with travel agents, the rankings of the most popular destinations continues to be headed by the US, often combined with the Caribbean and Polynesia as a beach extension and the Indian Ocean. New destinations are however coming through, including Japan –which is riding on the wave of popularity built up in the last few years, and which is often sold with Thailand, Polynesia and the Seychelles –and South America, which is garnering significant success, partly thanks to a fortuitous series of television programmes.

Couples on a tighter budget choose European capitals, particularly Paris, which remains the romantic destination par excellence, or a Mediterranean cruise. Demand for North European destinations is also growing,especially those that offer the opportunity to experience the Northern Lights.

Meanwhile, many new destinations are putting forward proposals that are tailored to the target, from Mauritius to Abu Dhabi, Polynesia to Malaysia, and the emerging destination of Peru, which this year launched a specific campaign for the segment.

Cruises offer up a surprise

The Mediterranean, the Baltic capitals, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, the Caribbean, Singapore, Shanghai: the cruise offer is continuously evolving

Cruise holidays, which are constantly evolving in terms of delivery and fulfilment, continueto enchant Italians and conquer new targets. The established category of families has now been joined by an ever growing number of young couples and groups of friends, attracted not only by the daily life on board but also by workshops, events and top guests.

The eastern and western Mediterranean, together with Northern Europe, with the Baltic capitals and the Norwegian fjords, continueto make up the lion’s share. Also doing very well are the United Arab Emirates – with a stopover also in Oman -, the Caribbean and the routes out of Singapore and Shanghai.

Also with regard to this product, for 2017, cruise operators only expect positive surprises, based on a further spike in demand for foreign destinations at the beginning of the year.