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Press release n. 7 of the 11/10/2017 16.04.27 ( download )

The expo organized by IEG and dedicated to Italian and international tourism will be opened on Thursday 12th October the Minister of cultural heritage and tourism Dario Franceschini. On Friday 13th the presentation of the Project for the promotion of royal residencies, villas, castles and historic gardens in Piedmont, Emilia-Romagna, Lazio, Liguria, Lombardy, Valle d´Aosta and Veneto. Fiera di Rimini, 12th - 14th October 2017

.Rimini, 26th September 2017 . Highlighting new destinations, such as the so-called minor towns, promoting innovative experiences of tourism cultural and above collaborating, improving the distribution of tourist traffic flow, rather than thinking of solutions such as closing cities and new taxes.
These are the instructions that arrive directly from the Mibact (Italy´s ministry for cultural assets and activities and tourism) to favour tourist trends´ evolution and problems such as the so-called overtourism, and to promote increasingly sustainable tourism.

The topic of overtourism just had to be among those covered in the context of TTG Incontri, the great appointment with the tourist business being held from 12th to 14th October at Fiera di Rimini.

For the first year under the banner of Italian Exhibition Group, the expo player founded with the merger between Rimini Fiera and Fiera di Vicenza, the 54th TTG Incontri, will be held simultaneously with the 66th SIA GUEST (International Hotel Hospitality Exhibition, and the 35th SUN (dedicated to outdoor products, beach facilities and the campsite world).

On inauguration day (12th October) the Minister of Culture Heritage and Tourism, Dario Franceschini, is taking part.

The topic of overtourism fits perfectly into the context of discussions on sustainable tourism, to which the World Tourism Day was dedicated on 27th September. For Italy ´Sustainability is a development strategy that aims at Italy as a nation-wide museum network to spread the benefits of tourism that pays attention to Italy´s identity and excellent locations´, Minister Dario Franceschini stated recently.

Overtourism and the battle for the development of sustainable tourism. How to improve the coexistence of tourists and locals with ideas, evolutionary projects and urban transformation is the topic of the conference scheduled for Thursday 12th October (3:00 pm) at TTG Incontri 20017.

The issue of tourist overcrowding and the various solutions adopted by areas involved to avoid suffocating them dominated the news this summer. The problem is also being faced by institutions and ministries, to find solutions that do not damage the sector´s trade members and at the same time are not penalizing for the areas and the population that normally lives there.
This will be the topic discussed at TTG Incontri by Marianna Marcucci, co-founder of Invasioni Digitali, a project launched in 2013 with the intention of combining digital instruments with the world of cultural assets; Andrea Casadei, coordinator of Pass4VEnice, a project that proposes an innovative idea for access to the city of Venice; and Emanuela Donetti, founder of Urbano Creativo, who will talk about destinations´ design.

Marianna Marcucci explains, ´Our idea is to promote cultural destinations by means of the active participation of tourists, also using digital devices, starting with smart phones.´ The aim is to make the exploitation of cultural assets more responsible, aware and enjoyable, spreading interest to also include lesser-known things and places.

Also heading in the direction of sustainable tourism is the Project of excellence - Innovative cultural tourism experiences: royal residences, villas, castles and historic gardens, the has brought together the Piedmont region - the project leader - and partner regions Emilia-Romagna, Lazio, Liguria, Lombardy, Valle d´Aosta and Veneto. the project, promoted by the Mibact, will be presented on Friday 13th October (10:00 am) at TTG Incontri.

The aim is to develop a tourist circuit integrated with the promotion and exploitation of the heritage of residences, gardens and historic villas of the areas involved, with an investment of 350,000 euros on behalf of the Ministry and other 350,000, 10% of which is covered by regional funds, for Piedmont alone. In particular, a map will be created indicating all the historic residences, villas, castles and gardens, with tourist information and a QR code for access to extended information. An emotional promotional video will also be produced on the product; the publicity foreseen includes digital marketing via social media and by means of dedicated a mini-site containing the information and links to the tourist products.

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