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On opening day the FAI Conference on the promotion of the Genius Loci. There are 5,568 small municipalities in Italian, visited by almost 90 million tourists in 2016. With the recently approved Law for saving villages, there are opportunities for relaunching tourism. Fiera di Rimini, 12th - 14th October 2017

.Rimini, 2nd October 2017 . The approval of the law for saving villages, passed definitively by the Italian Parliament recently, is just the latest, in chronological order, of the initiatives that put small Italian municipalities at the centre of action by the government and institutions. At TTG Incontri, the main marketplace of the national and international tourist industry (Fiera di Rimini, 12 . 14 October 2017, under the banner of Italian Exhibition Group) the spotlight will be on a sector increasingly acknowledged as a strong point in the context of what the Italian tourist trade has to offer.

On Thursday 12th October the TTG Forum will host the Conference on Italian Villages, organized by the FAI, entitled The promotion of the Genius Loci of the Italian villages: tourist experiences and stories of the Territory.

This year´s edition of TTG Incontri (the 54th) will be opened by the Italian Minister for Cultural Heritage and Tourism, Dario Franceschini who strongly sponsored the ministry´s initiative to declare 2017 Italian Village Year. Enit, the Italian Tourism Agency, is also to the fore with the project ´Excellent Villages´ and by, means of the hashtag #italianvillages, with the promotion of lesser known parts of Italy which have great tourist potential. The initiative organized by Enit entitled ´Sali a borgo´ finished precisely yesterday, a three-day event aimed at travelling promotion of the wonders to be found in the villages of Central Italy.
There are 5,568 villages in Italy with less than 5,000 inhabitants (69.8% of the municipalities). In terms of trends, tourist traffic began to increase again in 2015 and even more in 2016, after three years of falling figures. In the 2010-2016 period, there was a rise of 3.3% in nights´ stay and 14.4% in arrivals. In 2016 estimated arrivals totalled 21.3 million out of almost 90 million nights´ stay (18.6% and 22.3% of the total).
Valle d´Aosta is the region with the largest number of villages (98.7%), followed by Molise, Piedmont and Trentino. As far as accommodation is concerned, there are 51,000 facilities, with 1.4 million beds. Between 2010 and 2015 beds in Italian villages increased by +2.3%, with an average growth rate of 0.5%. Apulia is the region in which the accommodation capacity of villages has grown most (+24.7%), followed by Marches and Tuscany. (Source: Centro Studi Turistici di Firenze).

FOCUS ON: 54th TTG INCONTRI . 66th SIA GUEST . 35th SUN 2017
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