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A talk show by artiste Paolo Ruffini for a nostalgic foray back into the nineties. What is the best advertising of Italy as a product? This is explained by Lorenzo Marini, inventor of famous ad slogans. On a search for homo turisticus with anthropologist Duccio Canestrini. Fiera di Rimini, 12th - 14th October 2017

.Rimini, 30th September 2017 . An actor, a famous adman and an anthropologist will be the key players at meetings and talk shows proposed to visitors at TTG Incontri, the largest showcase of Italian tourism, being held from Thursday 12th to Saturday 14th October at Fiera di Rimini. The event, organized by Italian Exhibition Group, now at its 54th edition, will be held along with the 66th SIA Guest and the 35th edition of SUN, the expo dedicated to outdoor products, beach facilities and the campsite world.

On Friday 13th October, talking about tourism and technology, Tuscan actor Paolo Ruffini (well-known television personality thanks to programs such as Stracult, Colorado, Eccezionale veramente) will take attendees on a nostalgic foray back into the nineties. His latest book ´Telefona quando arrivi´ (Call me when you get there) is a declaration of love to a past long gone following the digitalisation of the 21st century, and explores, with irony and poetry, the developments that have occurred with the advent of technology. Showman Ruffini wonders how much the Web has changed people´s life. An interpretation that can certainly hold for the world of tourism.

One of the most prestigious art directors and an artist working in Turin, New York and Los Angeles, adman Lorenzo Marini . who invented one of the most famous slogans in Italy, ´Silenzio, parla Agnesi´ . will talk at TTG Incontri on opening day, Thursday 12th October, about the recent most significant changes in tourist advertising, giving indications on concepts and words to use (and not to use) to update product advertising, in particular for Italy as a tourist product. Silenzio, parla l´Italia (Quiet please, Italy´s talking). What to say and what not to say to advertise Italy effectively as a product is the title of the meeting.
An unusual slant on tourism in the age of social networks will be proposed by anthropologist Duccio Canestrini. One of the first in Italy to consider tourism from an anthropological point of view, the concept of homo turisticus is his. At TTG Incontri, on Friday 13th October, he will hold a multimedia conference highlighting certain moments in the history of travel, up to present-day. i.e. the evolution of Homo turisticus, combining ancestral emotions and new technologies.

FOCUS ON: 54th TTG INCONTRI . 66th SIA GUEST . 35th SUN 2017
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