MEET & MATCH is a unique opportunity for exhibitors and co-exhibitors at TTG Incontri to make their attendance at the show even more effective.
It will take place on the first day.

A speed contact event that anticipates the appointments made online with the buyers attending TTG Incontri, who number approximately 1,000 and come from more than 60 countries.

It is also a low-cost opportunity to make contact quickly and effectively with international demand.

Entry to Meet&Match is reserved to all exhibitors and co-exhibitors of the Italy, Europe, Global Village and The World pavilions included in the catalogue and interested in promoting their offer on international markets.

There are no ticket purchase limits.

How can I increase visibility among target buyers?

If you are exhibiting at TTG Incontri and targeting international buyers, here are a few opportunities to enable you to meet demand, optimise networking opportunities and get your product known:

  1. Sponsorship of Buyer bags
  2. Sponsorship of Buyer Dinners
  3. Publication of banner on buyer registration page
  4. Publication of logo on buyer appointments calendar
  5. Promotional DEM to all buyers
  6. Clip on large screen in Buyers Lounge
  7. Sponsorship of Buyers Lounge
  8. Organisation of a POST TOUR

For information:

For assistance, please contact our staff at: meet&